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Friday, February 21, 2014

Been awhile

So the last few weeks have kind of gone by in a blur.  First, my girls' trip is not looking like a reality as much anymore.  That sucks.  Second, the new niece count is now two.  Making it a grand total of four nieces, three nephews.  New niece #1 is being baptized on Sunday and I am her godmother.  I am so very thankful that they asked me to be her godmother.  It is such an honor.  We hope to visit new niece #2 this weekend.  Also a play date tonight, and band competition tomorrow morning.

As most of you know by now, our daughter wanted to do a Relay for Life team in honor of my dad and in memory of Ryan's mom.  We are so very proud of her for wanting to take on this project.  She is FULL of ideas.  The emails, the posts, etc. are all done by me but I assure you she is very much involved with the planning.  We decided at 12 we would leave the advertising and posting to mom.  She is going to be selling those rubberband bracelets.  She is having a basket raffle geared towards children-tween-teen on the night of her skate party (May 3 - mark your calendars) and have a basket raffle on the night of the Relay.  So if you would like to donate to the team, join the team, buy a luminary, donate a basket, attend the skating party, etc.  Let me know.  Any and all support is appreciated.  If you go to the Relay for Life website and search for Clinton County, IL Relay for Life and click on the team name iHopeweCure you can donate, join or buy.  :) 

My brother's wedding (well technically vow renewal and reception) is coming up in June.  Need to lose weight, finish wine glasses for bridal party table, and help with other misc projects. 

I am taking the kids to Chicago in March to see my dad.  I also hope to have some sort of girls' trip.  I can't go the weekend everyone else is going but I am bound and determined to do something the weekend I can go. 

Our daughter got her Kindle Fire HDX last night.  Before anyone hates on us, she bought it with her own money that she saved.  We have a rule in our house.  You want an expensive electronic.  You save for it.  So that's what she has done for her DSi, Ipod Touch and now Kindle Fire HDX.  She takes good care of her stuff so it has worked out. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Girls Trip!

I am planning a girls trip to Chicago with a few friends.  By a few the initial count is 13 girls invited.  Yep that's a lot of girls.  Now as much as I want to find a date for all 13 girls it's looking impossible.  A part of me would also like to check out another city for girls trip.  Anywhere fun you have been with a group of girls (within the 4-6 hour drive of St. Louis area).  Memphis? Nashville? KC?  Nashville sounds like a TON of fun to me but not sure how our non-country friends would fare in County capital USA.  Any thoughts or suggestions if we would decide to try another city?  I know Chicago like the back of my hand....other cities not so much.