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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

See ya later or maybe not as much

Now that I caught everyone's attention.  I will probably be around minimally for the next 3 years.

After much deliberation, thought, prayer, meetings, counseling, discussion, etc, I have decided with my husband's (and kids) support to go back to college.  I am a college graduate (from Hickey) but only got my diploma because I, at the age of 18, thought I knew it all and just wanted to be done.

For years I have contemplated going back but never took the thought much further than that....a thought.  I always felt bad going back.

Why now?  Hickey contacted me because January 2017 is the last time I am eligible to enroll in their bridge program to graduate with a Bachelor's from that school.  After talking to a good friend and mentor, I compared the programs at Lindenwood to the program at Hickey and have decided Lindenwood is the best option for my family.

I registered for my first cluster of classes, and already have my first assignment, due the first day of class.  I start my communications cluster on January 5th.  The last piece waiting to finalize is my financial aid award letter which I will not be getting for a few weeks but people are guessing what my big news is and I have gotten some pm's all over the board.

That being said, I will be devoting less time online, and less time on extra curricular activities and more time on school for the next three years.

I am nervous and excited all at the same time.  Am I stupid for waiting 17 years to go back?  Am I stupid for going back now at the age of 35?  Am I stupid for going to college when in a few years we will be sending one to college?  The answer to all of this is no.  I am not stupid. This will only benefit me.  I know this now but I was terrified of making this leap and the implications it will have on my family but I am hopeful that the short term disturbances in our every day life will be worth it's weight in gold when I am done with school.