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Thursday, October 29, 2015

10 weeks down

I am 10 weeks into my weight loss adventure.  I am 2 weeks into my biggest loser adventure.  Just starting week 3.  When I weighed in for biggest loser I weighed 207.6 which was nearly what I started at on week 1 of my adventure.  However, for my adventure I was weighing right before the shower on sunday mornings so not as much clothing and first thing in the morning, versus full clothing (and shoes) and after dinner. I am proud to say after 2 weeks of the challenge I lost 2 pounds.  I am to 205.6.  I lost .6 the first week and 1.4 the second week.

So I am 205.6 but that's 3 pounds lighter than when I started 2 months ago and that's fully clothed so I will take it.  I feel a difference.  Still haven't jumped on the it works band wagon.  Have products I can use but I forget to take pills.  period.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Wasn't Prepared

I tried to prepare myself for my dad's passing as much as you can when you know the end is coming and thought I did a pretty good job but realizing nothing could prepare me for changes that I have no control of.  Nothing.