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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Been a month!

So I have not been here since February 21, 2014.  Well that's a lie, I just went through my listing of posts and had 4 started since that time frame and never finished or published any of them.  I realize I angry blog a lot and don't publish them.  Probably a good thing. 
My girls' trip that I thought was not going to become reality is real.  Destination changed but I am super excited.  Six of us are going to Nashville, TN for two days!  Anyone have any size 9ish cowboy boots I can borrow for a weekend?  Any recommendations of what to see or what to skip?  What are some awesome bars we must go to?  Anything else you want to comment.  We leave in 72 days! 
In the last month, I have had my blood drawn, a CT scan of my lung, an ultrasound of my abdomen, MRI of my abdomen and a HIDA scan.  I have been told I had pleurisy, then a cyst on my liver and that they can't find my gallbladder.  The cyst was confirmed as benign.  However, they found my is nonfunctioning.  Evidently that's not a good thing.  So tired of doctors.  Contemplating letting this go until I have more problems just because I do not want to take any time off work anymore. 
The kids and I went to Chicago this weekend.  Serena and I saw the green river.  We went shopping and got her a dress for the dance at school, easter and my brother's wedding.  We got to meet Elizabeth and play with Beckham.  We visited with family.  And we went to the fire station at Wrigleyville.  Xander was in heaven and was excited to wear his CFPD shirt.  He LOVES it.  The kids enjoyed their visit.  Dad is currently undergoing radiation so please pray for his strength. 
Relay for Life stuff is shaping up.  Ordering shirts soon.  Skating party is in 45 days.  We are up to 10 baskets.  Could use more.  I have a DK basket, Outback video rental basket, My Little Pony, Crayola, TMNT, Spiderman, Avengers, Sophia the First, Lisa Frank and Hello Kitty baskets.  So if you would like to donate a basket child, tween or teen themed by April 25th, please let me know.  We are also needing adult and some kid themed baskets for the Relay in August. 
My brother's wedding is in 93 days.  Yikes.  Need to lose some fat.  Need to tan too but doing spray (boycotting tanning beds) so that will wait til week before. 
Also I ordered Xander's shirt (coral won) and that should be here Monday.
And I have just discovered I have worked here too long. I just had to change my margins to justified because that's how we do it here and well my blog looked funny with the edges not being perfectly lined. 
Okay that is the cliffnotes version of what's going on in my world.