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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year, Same Thoughts....

Last year I posted this.  I am AGAIN trying this blogging thing.  I really want to keep up with it.  A better place to post those random thoughts! 

So here is a recap of 2013, plus my wishes for 2014. 

What did 2013 bring:
-1 outpatient and 1 inpatient surgery - both for me.  Shocking I know!  However, due to the inpatient surgery (hysterectomy) I will not need anymore outpatient surgeries for those issues. 
-S had some thyroid issues (low) and saw an endocrinologist. 
-X developed a petechea rash that landed us in the E.R. at Cardinal Glennon, an overnight stay at Cardinal Glennon and a visit to a hematologist/oncologist with no real answers to date.  Yes he still gets the rash but no it's never bad enough to put him through the testing they need to do.
-5 movies (down from last year's six) and 3 of them were kids (Frozen, Planes and Monsters University) and 2 were Marvel (Thor 3 and IronMan3). 
-S got to stay in Chicago for over a week with my dad and Connie
-S ran/jogged her 3rd 5k (2nd one in Chicago and this time without a walking boot)
-My brother got married in a small Catholic ceremony (the party will be in 2014)
-My brother (same one) announced they are having a baby 2014
-Ryan's brother and his wife are having a baby girl in 2014
-My dad was diagnosed with cancer.  It sucks.  But he's a fighter and still fighting so thankful for that.  On the upside to that I have seen my dad 13 times!  Just regret it took him getting sick for me to make the time to go up there.  It's not that I didn't care before.  It's hard making that time with two kids at home.  However, my husband has been an awesome support person and never once complained about the trips I have made up there or the times those trips have left him a single dad. 
-I became more involved with the band program at school.  Much to S's disappointment.  She doesn't like it when I yell at other kids on the bus.  Get use to it kid.  :)
-I bought a new car (first one I financed by myself)!  This was exciting.  However I could have done without the excitement of dealing with a bad transmission within the first 200 miles and the 2 month long battle to get it right.  But it's right and Ford worked with me.  The dealer was awesome.  Thank you for small town living.  I think business strive harder to please their customers if they have to face those customers on a daily basis/first name basis.  They care. 
-I got my mother's ring for mother's day/birthday.  I was surprised.  I wanted one for years but was not expecting one this year. 
-I did not do black friday shopping for the first time since 2007.  I was sad but did get some online deals.
-X finished first year of Prek.  He is quite a character and known for it.
-S continues to maintain honor roll and loves band

Goals for 2014
-Lose more weight
-See parents more
-more game days with our family (ryan and kids)
-communicate better with Ryan
-More zoo time
-run a 5k

Not really goals but dreams for 2014
-some sort of family trip aside from chicago
-girls trip
Doesn't have to be all 3. 

Now to address my goals from last year.
Goals for 2013:
-Lose weight.  (I did lose about 20 pounds this year, all since my surgery but need to keep it up)
-More specifically fit into a size smaller bridesmaid dress for brother's wedding
-go to Nauvoo to visit the H family (I did this for the Grape Festival)
-Go to Festival of Lights as a family in November (we did not make it.  surgery recovery interfered)
-Go somewhere fun for vacation, nothing extravagant like Disney. Just a family vacation. (fail)
-start a regular exercise program, either walking at night (even with hot or cold) or just doing SOMETHING that gets me moving (to help with first goal) (fail)
-cut down on ski.   (fail)
-have family fun day/night once a week (fail)
-have more date nights with hubby.  (fail)
-see my parents more than just holidays (fail - I did see my dad more but under circumstances beyong my control so rather see him more this year on better circumstances and i need to make more time for my mom and dad.  we live 15 min apart but i don't go there enough)
-get more organized (fail)
-actually try at least 5 recipes from pinterest (I pin but don't always follow through so that pinterest is not just another online time waster, I want to actually do some of the stuff I pin) (tried maybe 3)
-actually try at least 5 crafts or projects from pinterest (see above) (fail)
-remember to bring my lunch to work (I suck at this) (fail)
-get up earlier again. I kind of been slacking and have no motivation in the a.m. (fail)
-don't be so negative. (fail)
-keep up with our online shutterfly family site.  (fail)
-spend less time on the phone (calls and texting)(fail)
-spend less time on the computer doing random useless things (when there is plenty to do around the house or with the kids)(fail)
-want to get together with the Naylors at some point (did this a couple times this year.  would like to do again)
-go to Vegas just because, just for fun (this may not become reality but we'll never know) (fail)
-stop trying to please everyone. I always end up with the short straw when I do. (fail)
-get in shape and do some 5ks with S (fail)
-go to zoo 6 times. (fail)
  I made my 2014 goal list smaller to maybe actually knock a few things off that list.