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Friday, January 23, 2015

What a day

This whole surgery process has been a cluster.  So first we schedule it for 1/27 at Breese.  I ask surgeon's office if we need any clearance because of heart murmur.  They said to ask regular doctor.  Regular doctor said bring to hospital's attention so they could decide if pre cert is needed.  I called Breese last week and they said they would do his preop interview early this week and decide.  Tuesday I get a call from surgeon office to say they had to cancel and reschedule for mid Feb.  I said it needed to be sooner than later.  She said just a second let me see if St. Mary's (Centralia). Calls back and says St. Mary's can get us in on Monday 1/26.  okay great.  Do we need any pre surgery bloodwork or EKG.  she says she will call back.  Get a call from our family doc (not pediatrician) stating that no EKG is needed...surgeon's office said no bloodwork was needed so I assumed okay do they do it the morning of? I get a call from St. Mary's surgery dept for medical interview.  She asked did you get bloodwork?  I said  no, no one ordered it.  She said you'll need to follow up with surgeon.  Go through his medical history and she stops at the murmur and says did they order EKG.  I said no, I was told it was not needed.  Call surgeon and asked about bloodwork.  she says oh shoot I forgot.  So then they fax me lab request.  I leave work, get xander from school, fight to get him into carseat, fight to get him out of carseat, carry him into the hospital all while he screams they are not taking my blood. I need my blood. Do registration, lab girl calls us in (and has a buddy because i warned them he is terrified of needles since hospitalization in 2013) they try to reason with him for 20 minutes and then finally we had to  have me hold him, strapping one arm down, while another tech held the arm that was being stuck and the original tech stuck his arm while another tech stood to his other side trying to get him to talk to her.  Blood was successfully drawn.  He was concerned all the way to school about the blood he "lost"...i go back to work and get a call 2 hours later that hey, we just found out from hospital he has to have a preclearance from his pediatrician or surgery is canceled. While dealing with that the hospital calls to register him.  Get off the phone with them and call doc office and we get an appt with pediatrician.  Go see pediatrician who bitches about the 500 pages of records that Dr. Wagner sent over from A to Z.  finally finds what he needs and decides that based on an echo and ekg from 2010 he does not need another one but he did hear a slight murmur.  and now we are home.  And hopefully i don't get anymore last minute, oh wait we need this.  because the more they forget the more nervous I am going into what should be a simple procedure.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome 2015!

2015 is here.

What are my goals this year?

Aside from the normal lose weight, I want to:

Participate in a 5k.  
I say participate because if I say Run and never get to that running point, 
I won't go through with it.  
So I say participate...meaning probably a run/jog/walk combo. 
 But I will do one. 

Go on a family vacation.
I want beachy but Ryan is not a beachy person.
Maybe mountains would be nice.
but I see GenCon being in a future before beach or mountains.

I also want to do Holiday World.  
I think Xander would love it. 

Figure out what's best for me and my family.  
Took a huge step last year by changing jobs
and by taking my insurance exam. 
So the job situation has been figured out 
but now I want to figure out other areas. 

First by decluttering our house.  
I was going to go through stuff and do a yardsale 
but decided I have been trying that route for 7 years
and made no progress and it is overwhelming.
So somebody will be getting donations.
I need to declutter.

I need to declutter our house but also our lives.
Some people just cause way too much stress.
Stress that I don't need.
Stress that causes problems.