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Monday, August 25, 2014


Well I failed my 100 days of happiness.  Day 100 was Friday, August 22.  Not saying that I didn't have 100 things to make me happy.  I am sure if I looked I could find some.  It's just been a little rough to be happy lately.  But I decided to look through my phone for some reminders....So here is some things to be happy about.

Being able to take a girls trip and getting to see the Grand Ole Opry!
 Friends like this.....
 and this.....
 that after my accident....
 this is the worst of my injuries.  
 Getting pedicures with mom and a few others for the wedding. 
 having fun with this girl.....
 and watching these two.  
 my random child with spunk.
 Xander trying to be a mini Ryan....
 my mom's extraordinary creativity
 watching fireworks with the kids.  
 dot candy...
 these two not fighting...
 our city excursions on the bus (and that he knows we need the 146)
 That after my accident my car looks as good as new
 that he LOVES the fair rides. 
 and swimming.....
 and even THESE rides. 
 My 31 obsession makes me happy...the hubby not so much.
 this guy.  He's my little Chicago buddy.
 spending a day downtown with serena. 
 making hundred bracelets with serena and connie
 random gifts from friends and family.
 seeing serena this happy just over a stuffed character. 
 Serena donating her hair. 
 and being involved in such a great cause. 
 working on this banner with my mom. 
 xander making new friends and baking

 and showing off. 
 xander sitting for his first caricature. 
 petting goats. 
 rooftop swimming. 
 the finished caricature.
 xander has improved with soccer. 
 we have a 7th grader
 and kindergartner.
 her smile. 
 xander playing with his cousin.
 new doggy coming into our family
 xander's family portrait
 visiting this city
 and this girl.  
 my dad's birthday gift and that he got to see it and it made him smiled. 
 serena had a wonderful skate party
 family reunion