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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year, Same Thoughts....

Last year I posted this.  I am AGAIN trying this blogging thing.  I really want to keep up with it.  A better place to post those random thoughts! 

So here is a recap of 2013, plus my wishes for 2014. 

What did 2013 bring:
-1 outpatient and 1 inpatient surgery - both for me.  Shocking I know!  However, due to the inpatient surgery (hysterectomy) I will not need anymore outpatient surgeries for those issues. 
-S had some thyroid issues (low) and saw an endocrinologist. 
-X developed a petechea rash that landed us in the E.R. at Cardinal Glennon, an overnight stay at Cardinal Glennon and a visit to a hematologist/oncologist with no real answers to date.  Yes he still gets the rash but no it's never bad enough to put him through the testing they need to do.
-5 movies (down from last year's six) and 3 of them were kids (Frozen, Planes and Monsters University) and 2 were Marvel (Thor 3 and IronMan3). 
-S got to stay in Chicago for over a week with my dad and Connie
-S ran/jogged her 3rd 5k (2nd one in Chicago and this time without a walking boot)
-My brother got married in a small Catholic ceremony (the party will be in 2014)
-My brother (same one) announced they are having a baby 2014
-Ryan's brother and his wife are having a baby girl in 2014
-My dad was diagnosed with cancer.  It sucks.  But he's a fighter and still fighting so thankful for that.  On the upside to that I have seen my dad 13 times!  Just regret it took him getting sick for me to make the time to go up there.  It's not that I didn't care before.  It's hard making that time with two kids at home.  However, my husband has been an awesome support person and never once complained about the trips I have made up there or the times those trips have left him a single dad. 
-I became more involved with the band program at school.  Much to S's disappointment.  She doesn't like it when I yell at other kids on the bus.  Get use to it kid.  :)
-I bought a new car (first one I financed by myself)!  This was exciting.  However I could have done without the excitement of dealing with a bad transmission within the first 200 miles and the 2 month long battle to get it right.  But it's right and Ford worked with me.  The dealer was awesome.  Thank you for small town living.  I think business strive harder to please their customers if they have to face those customers on a daily basis/first name basis.  They care. 
-I got my mother's ring for mother's day/birthday.  I was surprised.  I wanted one for years but was not expecting one this year. 
-I did not do black friday shopping for the first time since 2007.  I was sad but did get some online deals.
-X finished first year of Prek.  He is quite a character and known for it.
-S continues to maintain honor roll and loves band

Goals for 2014
-Lose more weight
-See parents more
-more game days with our family (ryan and kids)
-communicate better with Ryan
-More zoo time
-run a 5k

Not really goals but dreams for 2014
-some sort of family trip aside from chicago
-girls trip
Doesn't have to be all 3. 

Now to address my goals from last year.
Goals for 2013:
-Lose weight.  (I did lose about 20 pounds this year, all since my surgery but need to keep it up)
-More specifically fit into a size smaller bridesmaid dress for brother's wedding
-go to Nauvoo to visit the H family (I did this for the Grape Festival)
-Go to Festival of Lights as a family in November (we did not make it.  surgery recovery interfered)
-Go somewhere fun for vacation, nothing extravagant like Disney. Just a family vacation. (fail)
-start a regular exercise program, either walking at night (even with hot or cold) or just doing SOMETHING that gets me moving (to help with first goal) (fail)
-cut down on ski.   (fail)
-have family fun day/night once a week (fail)
-have more date nights with hubby.  (fail)
-see my parents more than just holidays (fail - I did see my dad more but under circumstances beyong my control so rather see him more this year on better circumstances and i need to make more time for my mom and dad.  we live 15 min apart but i don't go there enough)
-get more organized (fail)
-actually try at least 5 recipes from pinterest (I pin but don't always follow through so that pinterest is not just another online time waster, I want to actually do some of the stuff I pin) (tried maybe 3)
-actually try at least 5 crafts or projects from pinterest (see above) (fail)
-remember to bring my lunch to work (I suck at this) (fail)
-get up earlier again. I kind of been slacking and have no motivation in the a.m. (fail)
-don't be so negative. (fail)
-keep up with our online shutterfly family site.  (fail)
-spend less time on the phone (calls and texting)(fail)
-spend less time on the computer doing random useless things (when there is plenty to do around the house or with the kids)(fail)
-want to get together with the Naylors at some point (did this a couple times this year.  would like to do again)
-go to Vegas just because, just for fun (this may not become reality but we'll never know) (fail)
-stop trying to please everyone. I always end up with the short straw when I do. (fail)
-get in shape and do some 5ks with S (fail)
-go to zoo 6 times. (fail)
  I made my 2014 goal list smaller to maybe actually knock a few things off that list.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Home again, home again...

blah.  Hopefully only temporary.  I have an appt in the morning to see if he will let me return to work and with what restrictions.  Having some pain still and other issues I need to ask him about (not sure if it's normal post op problems or a cause for concern).  Was going to ask next week but since I am going in tomorrow for pain and get re-evaluated to determine whether I am really ready to return to work.
I have been off basically 3 weeks which bothers me but as it was pointed out earlier I am only about a week post-op and recovery can take one to two weeks.  I may have a "cushy" desk job but my job is not all that cushy and I don't just sit on my butt typing all day.  I do have other responsibilities.  Not to mention sitting is kind of a bitch.  Didn't realize how much sitting upright sucks until my hour drive into work and then 3 hours at my desk typing and reading emails.  One of the incisions is right where you "bend" to sit.  Then there's the wardrobe issue...yep clothing is kind of an issue when all I have been able to comfortably wear for the last week is yoga pants.  The last time I had this surgery I wore maternity pants to work and just longer shirts, but I do not have maternity pants nor do I plan on making that investment.  And this time I found pants that felt okay, but not the greatest and kept rubbing the incision spot.
Part of the incision kind of looks like its coming's super glued.  Okay not really super glue but that's what it looks like.  So I know I may be viewed as a pain in the ass by some.  And yes it bothers me.  And the same people who think I am a pain in the ass do not have a clue about what I have gone through in the last few weeks because they have not asked but it does not stop anyone from passing judgment.  Of course.
So good night blog readers.  Pray that I get to return to work.  Despite what some may think, I am not enjoying my time off.  I have spent most of my time worried about who is going to help with X when Ryan is not home, how much we are going to owe S in allowance for helping with X when Ryan is not home (work on saturdays or when he works later in the evening), how to manage supper, and laundry, getting the X ready in the morning (again this falls on our 11 year old because ryan has to leave early), and worried about work and what's going on there.
So yep my little vacation is not a vacation.  Has not felt like a vacation not even when I was on narcotics did I feel like I was on a beach somewhere with a drink in my hand.  My "vacation" has sucked.

Monday, January 28, 2013


I have pinned so much crap the last couple of weeks.  Crap I probably will never try but I pin anyway!  I have 313 total pins.  I decided to look and see what of those pins I have actually attempted.

I have tried this Sausage Stuffed Shells and they are awesome.  Actually I want to make them again.

Serena made this Lazy Cake Cookie and it was awesome.  We changed it a bit by getting a fudge cake and white chocolate chips.  We want to try it with the vanilla cake and chocolate chips and also fudge cake with caramel chips or fudge with peanut butter chips.  So we have plans to make this many times!

These are awesome too.  All you need is Oreos, marshmallows and butter.  We made it with regular oreos and used the mint oreos.  Both were awesome.

We made these ornaments last Christmas and serena loved to do it.  They are cheap and easy.  My kind of craft.

We also made these plates.  The instructions from the pin I used disappeared so here is one of the plates we did and the instructions.

Take a dollar store ceramic plate and use a sharpie to design your plate.  bake it in the oven on a pizza pan at 350 for 10 min.

So of my 313 pins, I have done 5 projects! woohoo.  I  think I need to stop pinning and start actually trying some of these.  A few of them I can't wait to try for my brother's wedding.  And a few of them are just quotes, or lists, etc.  Stuff that really is not executable.  

So all you pinners out there.  What have you actually tried and succeeded at?   

Saturday, January 26, 2013

random thoughts

I hate being off this long.  I am bored.  I hate using cal days for this.  And it bothers me that despite knowing this was warranted, It was not a frivolous break from work....1 ER visit, 2 doc visits, 2 vicodin prescriptions, 1 lortab prescription and an antibiotic, 2 incisions, 2 cysts, 1 CT scan, 1 ultrasound, 2 IVs,  and nearly 14 days later....out of all of that what bothers me the most is what people think about me and what people think about me missing this much time from work and how much it has affected my coworkers.  That is what bothers me.  What kind of person does that make me? I know i shouldn't be so concerned what they think.  I didn't plan this.  I have no control over this and I am not sure what else I could have done to prevent it.  But in the end, I hate that I know this has been a burden on them.
Before anyone comments, I shouldn't care let me explain.  We work for a big firm in a regional office.  Due to budget constraints, we are down to four secretaries and an office manager to support our attorneys.  We are busy when all four of us are there.  We are slammed when one person is out a day at a time.  So when someone misses over two weeks (unplanned) I know unfortunately it hits the entire office...hard.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

our dog

Okay, so our dog gets crated when people come over because he acts like a complete freaking nut (jumping on people, etc) so we have to crate him to avoid annoying guests.  BUT when its just Ryan, me and the kids he does fine.  He lays on the living floor, walks around (normal) and just BEHAVES. How do we get him to behave not so crazy around others.

I hate having to crate him.  But I don't want to annoy people either.  Any suggestions.  (i am not getting a dog trainer).  So any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

so much for good times.

Well thank god I work for a nice firm.  I have not been at work at all last week and this week is not looking promising.  I am having surgery on Thursday to remove the cyst I have and clean the fluid out from the one that burst. 

I have pre op stuff tomorrow and then surgery on Thursday.  This blows.  so much for having plans this weekend. 

On a funny note, xander knows that I have been "sick" as he puts it.  So I was explaining to him that later this week I was going to go to the doctor and they were going to cut my belly button and take out the ouchie that is hurting mommy.  His response" That's very cool Mommy!  typical boy response. My daughter is worried something is going to happen to me and my son thinks its cool I am going to get cut open. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Times

I so need to get over this pain I am having.  I have made plans to go see one of my favorite local bands play in Breese.  I have not seen them since August or September.  It's time!  And of course as of right now I won't be going.  I better start feeling better!

If you have the chance, check out Saloonatics.  You should!  Love their music.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

dusted it off....

I posted about my nook being dusty from lack of reading.  Well in the last 10 days of being home I have downloaded quite a few new books from B&N free section.   I love that they have those but also hate it because they have a lot of first book in series books which reels you in so you want to read the rest of them. 

I have a few started series and I cannot finish them because either the library doesn't have the sequel available OR in some instances they are not even out yet.  I am going to have to reread the first books before going forward. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dream Job....

The more I help with my brother's wedding the more I realize that I love planning weddings.  almost to the point of it being a fault.  Someday, maybe in my next life, I am going to be a wedding planner.  Of course it is so much more fun now.  With pinterest and lots of DIY ideas.  Now if only I had the time and money to be a wedding would be my dream job!

I brought this up before talking about the wrong profession and liking to be creative.  The two go hand in hand.  Darn bills, and benefits....

If money were no object, what is your dream job?

Friday, January 18, 2013

imaginary friends....

Did you have one?

I don't recall having one.  I have not heard any stories about me having one.  I know my younger brother had one.  His name was Mike. This was following a car issue and my parents dealt a lot with a local auto body place and the owner's name was Mike.  Hence mike the imaginary friend....

X lately has an imaginary friend.  His friend's name is Mickey which we have yet to determine is THE mickey mouse or if he's saying Nikki/Nicky because he can't say that name and he has one, almost two, aunt Nicky/Nikkis.  Ryan's brother married a Nicky and my brother is getting married to a Nikki. 

"Mickey" goes everywhere with us.  I keep forgetting to find out from teachers and daycare staff if "mickey" is around during the day.  I know "mickey" leaves with us in the morning.  And X walks around the house holding "mickeys" hand and he gets him ready and talks about leaving with him.  It gets kind of creepy at times.  I have gotten in trouble for sitting on "mickey" and interrupting "mickey" and X is so serious when he talks about "Mickey" 

So how long does this imaginary friend stage last? 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

....I can't do this.

So I went to work today.  Still in pain.  Can't take the pain meds because they are narcotics so can't drive or function on them.  Had a discussion with my managers who suggested I move my follow up to today instead of Tuesday because I was no use in my current condition. 

So I did.  Well he prescribed a muscle relaxer in addition to the narcotic I am on.  The muscle relaxer also makes you crash.  Great just what I need.  The cyst that is still there is the size of a golf ball.  plus I have the fluid in my abdomen.  and high white blood count.  So I am on a narcotis, muscle relaxer and antibiotic with strict orders to rest.  Yeah.  ok. If its not better next week they are going to have to go in with the camera and drain everything and vacuum out my abdomen.  Really because that sounds like tons of fun.  NOT. 

So I am home today and tomorrow.  Go back to work on Monday which in all reality means Tuesday because Monday is a holiday for us (thank you MLK).  So hoping this gets better.  quick. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So I tried to work yesterday but it didn't work out so my boss agreed to let me take some time off to rest.  So I did.  Well I am trying to.  I have gotten to lay down a little bit but the added stress is not helping.  First of all, our furnace broke.  Let me preface this with I just had my brother here last night because it was stuck on 60 (hold) and couldn't get it off of that and while trying I manage to bend a prong.  He fixed it.  No problem.  Oh about 6 hours later it starting squealing.  Great.  By 9 a.m. it was worse so I called Ryan's dad to come over and look at it.  He thinks the motor is out.  So I called my brother back.  He came by tonight to fix it and replace the motor. 

Then just add some other personal stress that was not needed right now and well it made for a crappy day.  Back to work tomorrow.  Pain is still there but I have to work tomorrow and Friday.  I can do this.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love my mom!

My other post yesterday was getting too long so I decided to post this here.  I have the best mom ever!

I really appreciate that she took me to the ER and stayed with me all night.  She was there from 9 til 5:15 with me.  Her daycare opens at 6 a.m.  She did get some sleep (probably not very good sleep) while we waited.  they put her in the family waiting room. 

She once complained or whined.  I sent her flowers to thank her for doing that which apparently surprised her.  I just wanted her to know how much I appreciated it.  :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

holy batman that hurt

Last night I was sitting on the couch minding my own business when I had the most horrendous pain that honestly if I didn't know any better I would have thought I was going to be one of those people who didn't know they were pregnant and had a baby.  Geez louise it hurt.  bad.  I texted my mom asking her what was wrong with me (right lower severe pain, suddenly...).  she responded appendix or kidney stones.  Either way I needed to get medical treatment.  She offered to take me to the hospital or come watch the kids.  We were going to let her watch the kids but s saw me double over in pain and FREAKED out...big time.  She's our worrier (gee wonder where she gets that).  so ryan stayed home with the kids because he has a calming affect on her.  better than anyone else and we wanted her to get rest because she had volleyball tryouts the next day. 

So mom took me to the hospital.  I originally wanted Anderson because that's where my docs are and insurance will pay no questions asked. But then I was in so much and felt so nauseated we decided to go to St. Joe's here in town.  Got there at 9...checked in and put back in the waiting room.  We sat there until 12:30 with the most annoying mother who...well lets just say her 3 year old seemed to be better behaved than her.  He was interrupting her game playing time (which I think was brought to keep the kids busy but mom wouldn't share)....Finally got called into a room...only to be put in the same room that my cousin was in when he had his accident and died.  okay worked past my feelings on that because well I had no choice.  Nurse came in and said he'll be right with you....two seconds later another patient started beeping....heard yelling about him coding and needing a crash cart and a helicopter.  Nurse came back and said doc will be with you in about 20 min.  he is waiting on helicopter for other patient.  20 min. turned into an hour because they had to call ambulance instead because the helicopter was not getting along with the high winds.  So 1:30 doctor comes in, talks to me, touches my right side, orders bloodwork and CT scan.  they came back and added IV, did bloodwork, gave me morphine and Zofran and gave me my "berry smoothie"....YUCK.  the taste was not too bad but the thickness got me and the grittiness.  blech. 

Finally got that down at 2:15 and went down for my CT at about 4....4:30 they camein and said my appendix was fine but I have an ovarian cyst along with another one that burst.  Nurse came in and tried to get me to stand before removing my IV and I couldn't.  It hurt too bad so she gave me more morphine and Zofran.  I finally went home at 5:15 this a.m. with Vicodin and an antibiotic (had a UTI too apparently). 

Now to sleep.......

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I love my friends.  I have been with the same group of friends since 1998.  I have my parents to thank for that.  I was not making much money at my current job and my dad told me I had to get another job or park the car.  I didn't want to work at Hardees but dad made me apply and I got it.  Low and behold I actually loved that job.  We had a great group of people there.  They were fun and actually the first group of friends I hung out with on a regular basis.  We have stayed friends all these years.  Been in each others weddings, heck some even dated and married each other.  We all have kids the same age and try to get them together once a month.  I love my friends. 

We lost one 5 years ago and since 2009 the guys from the group who were on a dart team with Jason, have put together a dart tournament in his memory and every year donating the money to a worthy cause (American Heart Association, Relay for Life, Humane Society, and Hannah's Playground --I think I am missing one but don't recall what it was).  Every year the tournament seems to get better.  The guys do a terrific job in honor of Jason.  Every year its neat to see the other people who come to support the cause in memory of Jason.  So many of their classmates are there.  It's really neat to see how many people come together to remember such a great friend. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The future

Do you ever wonder what your kid is going to be when they grow up?  Right now if you ask X he would tell you "santa."  Little does he know we are all "santa" at some point (if you have kids) and its not as glamoruous as you expect as a child.  You don't get magical reindeer, you don't have elves making the toys or wrapping the presents.  It's all you.  But seriously I wonder what his choice job will be.  Once he figures out superheroes and santa are just imaginary.  He is pretty argumentative (attorney) but he is also very kind and caring when someone is hurt (doctor), but he is also very into tools and watching people do real work (okay not calling attorneys or doctors not real work but you know what I mean.  a blue collar, get dirty, sweat a little work).  He also declared fire fighters are cool.   Actually if you would ask him today what do you want to do when you get big?  he will likely answer....Soccer. 

S on the other hand is our artsy child.  she loves anything artsy.  Too bad there is not much money in that field.  She definitely is not a sporty child.  She wants to be but let's face's just not there.  Serena loves to write, and draw, and play her clarinet.  She likes to sing and dance.  Who knows where she will land. 

What do we want them to be when they grow up?  Happy!  whatever profession that may be or wherever that may be (S has declared she is going to college in Chicago).  Good luck dad and connie. 

Friday, January 11, 2013


Who actually reads my ramblings?  I know a few people are (without me having to even promote it on FB with a link).  Yes I know my blog is not that one of goal oriented blogs (recipes, crafts, etc.)'s just random.  Which is fine.  I am random and its random thoughts I have.  Instead of posting my every thought, gripe, annoyances, etc. on facebook, I blog.  I am not out to get a bunch of views.  Some days it's just an outlet for my frustration or amusement.  I am just curious who actually reads it.  If its random people, or if its people who actually know me. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

wrong profession

Don't get me wrong.  I like my job (for the most part) but I honestly think I went into the wrong career.  I wish I had a more "creative" job. I love creating invites, programs, etc on the computer and getting to be creative.  That and making lists.  Maybe I could find a job that pays me to make pretty lists... Ha!  just kidding.  I will stick to my 9 to 5 job and continue being creative on the side. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

creative parenting

So we have been told by people that we are creative at coming up with punishments for our kids.

Several years ago our daughter decided to take the wrong bus home.  Long story short, everyone went into panic mode.  I called the principal (so he could look up the names of some of her friends parents and contact info) and my brother in law (because I was in st. Louis, not in our hometown and he was, and he's a cop), my husband, my father in law was called by someone not sure who anymore, plus my aunt and uncle who run the buses were trying to find her.  Well we eventually found out that she took a different bus than her normal one because she wanted to sit with a friend.  She knew this was wrong and even when the bus driver called her out on it, she said I can ride any bus, they all go out to aunt and uncles (she went to their house after school at the time).  Well she WAS told this, but told in the context of if you miss your bus don't worry you can take any of them and make it to aunt and uncles.  So yeah.  She took that statement and made it into what she wanted.  We were furious with her and made her write an apology to my aunt and uncle, her uncle, her grandpa, the principal, her normal driver and the other driver whose bus she got on, for wasting their time and lying to the drivers.  Needless to say, she has not gotten on the wrong bus since (on accident or purpose). 
A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to be creative with our son.  He is 3 and can be quite destructive with his sister's belongings (she needs to stop leaving stuff lay but anyway).  She had just gotten a weaving loom (you know the plastic ones used to make potholders) on Friday from my mom for her birthday that was coming up (sunday).  On Sunday before everyone came over, our son threw the loom and a plastic peg broke off making it hard to weave the loops.  So we made him take money out of his crayon bank to replace it.  Now his bank is filled with change and grant it probably at least $10.00 worth but I am not that mean to the walmart cashier or my husband who was taking him to walmart so while he was unaware we hid a $10 bill in his bank.  We opened the bank, made him get the money and explained he was going to walmart to replace the broken loom.  So that's what he did.  X and my husband went to wally world, got the loom and made him pay for it.  He got home and had to give it to S and tell her sorry.  Honestly I think I can say he has not thrown anything of hers since then.  Not to say he has not found other ways to torture his older sister but he has not broken anything of hers since.  Whether or not he understood the concept at 3 I am not sure but it was worth a try and probably better than anything else I could come up with.  Timeout seems to be useless with him.  We still do it, but not sure it does any good.  half the time he falls asleep in timeout (even within the 3 min. timelimit) probably because he's usually very tired in the evening which prompts his less than stellar behavior. 
So what's your creative parenting style? 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Common Courtesy

I think a lot of people lack this.  I try (very hard) to respond to stuff and I know I was really bad about it when I didn't have a computer and read a lot of fb messages and emails on my phone and would forget to respond when I got to the computer at night.  So I apologize for that.  However, I am tired of people who continually cannot answer a text, email, etc.  Especially when I specifically ask questions that need answers before I can move forward with doing anything else.  Its frustrating.  Then I have to feel like a nag for bugging you again.  Just answer.  If you can't do it, don't want to do it or don't care, then fine just say that so I don't want time waiting for a response. 

Okay off my soapbox (and wondering how many went and checked their phones to see if they forget to respond to something from me).

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Nook Is Getting Dusty

I need some good series to read.  My Nook is starting to collect dust.  Please suggest something.  I am waiting on a book from the library (Danielle steel's new one).  I am waiting for the 3rd book in crossfire series to be released.  I need something to fill my time.  So start suggesting.........

Sunday, January 6, 2013

See the stars even know

 (or they realize its the first week of january so we'll motivate you to go to the gym....
Your health may need some adjustment -- so get to a gym, see a nutritionist or find a way to think positive thoughts even during that dreaded performance review. It all helps in the long run!
That was my horoscope yesterday.  How fitting for my new me resolution. 
I have been doing okay tracking what I eat and exercising.  The kids have even been getting on track and X exercises (wii fit dodging soccer balls is his exercise).  He's training to be like his uncle travis. 
I am also going to do a 5k in March with my future sister in law and possibly my sister.  Can't wait.  Next up, new running shoes.  Any suggestions without breaking the bank but a pair that won't kill my feet. 
Also when doing the wii fit, I don't have shoes on because of the board but when you do the running portion you don't use the board.  Our living floor is not the most comfortable surface to jog barefoot on and heaven forbid I put my shoes on, my son will think I am leaving him.  So I have been borrowing his mini trampoline (its actually an exercise one anway) and jogging on that.  much comfier.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Be Healthy, Be Happy

Like so many others I am on a "new me" kick in the new year.  I really hope to stick with it.  I, like everyone else, have been very motivated now to lose weight.  Some friends of my introduced me to this site to track my eating and exercising habits.  Its nice to have to write down everything I eat and having a group of people who motivate me and keep me on track.  They also introduced me to this site.  This site is really neat.  It creates a before and after model of your figure.  Of course I know I will not lose the weight in all the "right" places and look exactly like this figure (below) but I can dream!.
So in addition to tracking my calories intake, I have been exercising.  Mainly wii exercising for now but hey it's better than nothing.  Once its nice out, I want to venture out and walk and work up to running.  I thought about it for half a second tonight and the cold is not even what stopped me.  The small patches of ice did though.  There's not much out there but I am sure I would find the few that are out there. 
As part of the group I am in, I have made a goal plan and I hope to stick to it. 
Long Term goal (Dec 2013):
Lose 45 pounds and maintain
Medium Term Goals: (March 2013)
1. Train for a 5K
2. Give up Ski
3.  Drop one size 
Short Term (Small) Goals: (Daily)
1. Track what I eat
2. Eat smaller portions
3. Increase Daily water intake
4. Stop skipping meals
5. Exercise 4 to 5 times a week
6. Weigh myself only once a week

Wish me luck!  I want to lose 45 pounds by the end of the year and I want to drop one size in the next two months.  I am motivated. I am doing this for me to make me happy. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Games, Games, Games

We have decided to start playing more games as a family.  Just in the last two months we have gotten Connect 4, Chutes and Ladders, Clue, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Uno (jack skellington), Jenga, and Can you Name 5?.  Oh and our newest purchase of Munchkin Booty (as in pirates...get your minds out of the gutter).  I said FAMILY game night. 
I highly recommend Munchkin Booty.  Its a card game and we got ours at a comic shop.  Look it up online.  I didn't want to like it and actually really enjoyed playing it.  Go figure.. I thought it was going to be some silly game that only my husband would have interest in and maybe our daughter.  Our son loves it just because it has a pirate reference.  Doesn't take much to please that kid. 
Anyway, back to family time.  Our kids love games.  I think S's favorite is Clue right now and X's favorite is Sorry.  He LOVES that game.  He is a bossy game player though.  He gets to choose what color everyone is.  And he is ALWAYS red, which is funny because that is my favorite color and I what I would always choose.  Earlier this week we were playing Life and I kept trying to move the red car (X) on my turn.  Ryan kept correcting me saying that's X......well sorry for years I have been red until my 3 year old came and decided to run the show.  :)
Speaking of Life, I am happy to report, every time we play X chooses to go to college (not sure he knows what that is at this point) but I think he has learned if he goes to college he gets to pick two random jobs then pick from those two jobs (after he has seen them).  Whereas if you don't go to college you get to pick one random card and that is what you are stuck with.  Our most recent life venture both kids choose college.  X became an accountant and S became a Vet.  Both lost their jobs and X became an athlete...he was excited.  S drew police officer.  She was disappointed (sorry Uncle Scott, she's not following in your foot steps) disappointed that she was excited when she lost her job again, and got to choose a new card.  She put police office back.  Ryan shuffled and she choose police officer again.  ha.  she was not happy.  oh well...such is LIFE right?
Until my next ramblings....

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting Serious...

about losing this weight.  So I really need to get serious about losing this extra weight that I have gained over the last several years.  I want to get rid of the flab and chubbiness.  I hate it and I know I need to do something about it.  I don't like how I look and its beginning to affect me and others around me so I need to fix it.  My husband has not once made any comments that I need to lose weight, he is comfortable with where I am, as long as I am comfortable with my size, which I am not.  So I am not doing this for anyone but myself.  I need to do it for me.  I just need to figure out a way to do it. 
I know I need to cut out the ski.  I have tried...numerous occasions...but I always stop for that darn ski.  The thing is I only get it at Moto.  I won't stop anywhere else to get it.  So since I drop both kids off at daycare in the morning and then go to Moto then leave town I think I am going to take the temptation away and leave town a different route.  Maybe, just maybe that will curb the urge to stop for that darn soda...every single morning.  Maybe, just maybe.
I also need to exercise.  I know this.  I hate to exercise by myself but too self conscious to exercise in public.  So, um yeah, I think I need to over one of those.  I have inherited my daughter's old ipod. Maybe that will help a little with walking.  My daughter and I have also started doing Just Dance regularly and that is more of a workout than you realize.  Just Dance 4 even counts the calories, whereas Just Dance 3 just gives you sweat points which depends which site you look at online you divide sweat points by 4.2 or 10.  :)  Big difference there and not sure which one to believe so I guess we will go with Just Dance 4 for now. 
I also want to run a 5k.  Actually S does too.  She had so much fun doing the Chicago one, she wants to do it again.  Maybe that should motivate me a little.  Get in shape and some quality time with the girl? 
Until my next ramblings........

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You said what?

So it has come to our attention that X has quite the potty mouth.  The thing is...he's not really trying to be.  Just over the course of the holidays we have discovery a few words or phrases that need translation to avoid the looks, stares and he said what? comments. 
X was excited to get a "pile of shit" (pirate ship) for Christmas.  He told his uncle he was washing "piss" off his hands...which in reality was a Hershey's KISS.  He has been pretending to be santa lately and his reindeer are "Comet, Cupid, Bitchin ("Blitzen"), Rainbow and Mickey.  He also cannot say Percy (the green train from Thomas) comes out as another name for a cat.  So yeah.  You can imagine the looks, questions and stares we get from people.  We don't have a potty mouth...he just has speech problems, but I assure you we are working it.  :)  He goes to speech 2 times a if you think you hear him say something "bad" stop and think does it rhyme or sound like anything else but chances are he is not saying what you're hearing. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, new thoughts...

So I am going to try this blogging thing for the bazillionth try....I have started, stopped and deleted so many blogs because I get bored with it.  Then today came to the realization that a lot of what I think about posting on facebook would probably be better suited for a blog.  So here it goes again.  Should we take wagers on how long it will be before I give up on blogging.  Nah.....
So, like everyone else, I have been reflecting on the past year and what 2013 will bring.  This last year has been a pretty busy and memorable year. 
This last year, and its sad I can say this, we went out four times by ourselves.  In January for our friend's dart tournament, May to see Avengers with another couple, July to see Batman with another couple (same couple) and to his work Christmas party in December.  Pathetic, I know.  This is something I kind of want to improve in 2013.  Don't get me wrong...we love to stay home with our kids...however, sometimes I think maybe a night out just the two of us might be much needed and well deserved.  Doesn't have to be extravagant.  Who knows maybe with Highland opening their theater again, we will venture to more movies. 
What else did 2012 bring?
-My first comedy show (David Collier, Joey from Full House)
-6 movies in the theater (The Vow, Avengers, Lucky One, Batman, Hope Springs, and Wreck It Ralph)
-2 ER visits (X with croup and S with broken foot)
-1 outpatient surgery (wait for WASN'T me this time)-S's tonsils and adenoids were removed and we can honestly tell a huge difference.  Thank you CGCH and Dr. E. 
-7 mini vacations (Chicago, no kids, no hubby, just friends in March, Chicago, whole family in May, Girl scout camp with S in June, Chicago, just me (by PLANE) in July, Canton, with Aunt Sandy in September, Canton with aunt, mom and cousins, plus my kids in September, Chicago with the kiddos in November)
-1 day trip with S to Springfield for Girl Scouts
-S got to go to Girl Scout camp for a week (overnight, few hours away)
-S stayed in Chicago for ten days with my dad and stepmom without me hovering
-X started his school career.  He is now a pre-ker.
-X moved from my mom's daycare to a daycare center which was a huge but needed (school districts) transition and he has won over all the teachers at daycare.
-3 zoo trips (hope to go more in 2013, this summer was TOO hot)
-S ran her 2nd 5k (1st one in Chicago)
-we got a Keurig (yes that's big to me)
-my laptop died and it was replaced---trying this whole windows 8 thing
-S and I both joined the ereading world with a Kindle and a Nook
-S joined band and loves it.
-making new friends 
-enjoyed a few nights out to see my favorite band just about every time they came to Breese...I think I was borderline becoming a groupie....and dragging Kris down with me.
Goals for 2013:
-Lose weight.
-More specifically fit into a size smaller bridesmaid dress for brother's wedding
-go to Nauvoo to visit the H family
-Go to Festival of Lights as a family in November
-Go somewhere fun for vacation, nothing extravagant like Disney.  Just a family vacation.
-start a regular exercise program, either walking at night (even with hot or cold) or just doing SOMETHING that gets me moving (to help with first goal)
-cut down on ski. 
-have family fun day/night once a week
-have more date nights with hubby.
-see my parents more than just holidays
-get more organized
-actually try at least 5 recipes from pinterest (I pin but don't always follow through so that pinterest is not just another online time waster, I want to actually do some of the stuff I pin)
-actually try at least 5 crafts or projects from pinterest (see above)
-remember to bring my lunch to work (I suck at this)
-get up earlier again.  I kind of been slacking and have no motivation in the a.m.
-don't be so negative. 
-keep up with our online shutterfly family site. 
-spend less time on the phone (calls and texting)
-spend less time on the computer doing random useless things (when there is plenty to do around the house or with the kids)
-want to get together with the Naylors at some point
-go to Vegas just because, just for fun (this may not become reality but we'll never know)
-stop trying to please everyone.  I always end up with the short straw when I do.
-get in shape and do some 5ks with S
-go to zoo 6 times.

Looking forward to:
Derrek's wedding
hopefully some trips if they happen, even if small ones
new memories with my family...however those are made. 
I am sure there are more but this is a good start.  Laugh all you want but I am hoping if it put it in black and white, maybe...just maybe I will try to follow through.  Maybe....