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Friday, January 15, 2016

Heavy Heart

Today has been a struggle.
Life is short.  People leave way too early.

So many thoughts going through my head...
Why does this happen?
Why so young?
My heart hurts for their families.
Why? Why? Why?

Hug your loved ones.
Enjoy EVERY minute.

In 2016, we (as in the county I live in) have lost 3 YOUNG people.
a 17 year old in a car accident, a 20 year old to cancer, and now a 28 year old .
Then factor in all the prayer requests for a 38 year old in the hospital fighting for his life.
Another 28 year old female facing liver cancer!
Then add in Faith and Xavier's battles.

Makes me thankful for what I have.

Appreciate your loved ones.

***disclaimer**** i am sure here are more in the county struggling.  These are just the stories on my mind at this current time.  Makes you think twice.

And this is countywide and anyone from a small community probably has no idea why it matters to so many people.  Did I personally know any of the above people?  One.  Did I know him well?  No.  But when you grow up in a small town and surrounded by other small towns and something happens, our whole county rallies together.  That is WHY I love where we live.  Our COmmUNiTY is awesome and my heart aches for all the families affected recently with all this heartache.